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"You really do good work. Bang on."  Ted Curl

Pockets Parties Ultimate Sewing Centre
Ultimate Sewing Centre
S.T.A. Inc. Hugh Arrison UNIMAT-1
STA Inc website Hugh Arrison, Conservative "My favourite phrase I used to like to hear was "I'll look after it." It's
been replaced by "I can have you up and running by tonight." Wow what a
great tag line! Thanks for the call. Look forward to the rest of the
Hugh Arrison Horizon Video Productions Ltd. Pockets the Clown
Wow! What a great job! I knew we could count on you for a great looking site. Horizon Video Productions Ltd. Woooo hooo....
It's GREAT! I love it!
You did such a wonderful job...I absolutely love it! It's so nice and colourful too...
really eye catching.
  Gadgets the
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  I appreciate all the hard work you have done. Gadgets the Clown   "Erin, you are incredible!...when I Googled 'Hobby Show' mine was first to come up!"

"By the way, I have received a boatload of complements about the website. Again thanks."

The Hobby Show in Canada

  Everything looks great. Thanks for the help. Rondi Adamson writer's blog  
  Ultimate Sewing Centre     Fun-Shine Entertainment     I'm Living Art Entertainers & Facepainters    
  Thank you SEW much!

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I know they say that emailing in upper case means you are yelling sew, hear it as a happy dance scream. Thank you, Thank you!!!

  "Thanks so much for your great service! My web site is great and I get a lot of compliments from it and jobs. Thanks for making life easier for me." Fun-Shine Entertainment Sneezy the Clown   I thought how you set up the way you get to all the areas was extremely well organized.  And I like that we could keep the original design of the bubbles, but incorporate the new logo - There was just something about the bubbles, etc that really appealed to me and with the photos looked more professional. I'm Living Art Facepainters and Entertainers Hidee the Clown  
  Tomorrow's Heroes     Rondi Adamson     Ming Interiors    
  "Thank you for all your help and dedication to my dream...Indeed the site is not just beautiful but most importantly is fully functional and I thank you from the bottom of my heart." Tomorrow's Heroes   "It looks great and I certainly will not have any problems recommending you to other people. Thanks for your hard work." Rondi Adamson Canadian writer   "Thank you very much for everything." Ming Interiors  
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for the Zone
  "You got me inspired. When we first discussed stuff, I could hardly think of what I even wanted, now things keep popping up."

"Just checked it out - LOVE IT!!! I cannot thank you enough - it's simply marvelous!"  

I'm Living Art

  "Thanks for all your help developing a web page for us. It looks great. A customer who we have not dealt with for many years from the east coast typed our company name on Google and found our website. Bottom line is that it developed into an order." Douglas Thermal Products Ltd.   "It looks great. I am happy...let it loose on the world!"

Clearing for the Zone

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Storage Systems
  "Your effort in gathering all the data together and putting it together in a way that makes sense is really appreciated. Thank you very much."

Clearview Partitions

  "There would still be no web site if it wasn't for you. Somehow you managed to get all my stuff into words; without any background in my area of expertise. You have an insight and a way of putting it all into a practical, readable format."


Phoenix Fitness   "You worked a miracle from next to nothing. Thanks for putting it together and making it look so good."

Workvan Storage Systems

  Kaye & Associates     Women Transforming Work


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  "The look is great - clean and crisp - just like I wanted. Thanks for all your help." Kaye and Associates  

"This is just wonderful, and I really love the logo concept.  Just fabulous.  Thank you so much for making this come together so effortlessly."

Women Transformating Work

  "Thank you so much! This was so easy to do!"

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